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Chinese tea

Diverse Chinese tea

With a long history and vast geographic area, China has a wide variety of teas. It is common to divide tea in China into six colors for easy classification. These six colors are: blue tea , green tea, black(dark) tea, red tea, yellow tea , and white tea. Oolong tea, which is famous in Japan, is a semi-fermented tea that is part of the blue tea family. Here, we explain the basic process of typical blue tea.


1. Tea picking 

Picking tea leaves.


2. Withering 

Reduce moisture of picked leaves.


3. Shaking and vaporizing water 

Shake tea leaves to vaporize water. Tea leaves turn reddish and aroma comes out.


4. Heating and stopping the oxidase 

By heating, oxidase enzyme stops its activation.


5. Rolling 

Shape tea leaves.


6. Heating/Firing 

Dry tea leaves slowly by heating/firing