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Black tea

Completely fermented black tea

There are several grades for black tea. You may hear names such as Orange Peko or Peko, which indicate the grade of tea. Grade does not mean quality, but rather is a method of sorting the size and shape of tea leaves. The way to brew black tea differs depending, not on grade, but on the size of the leaves. 


1. Withering 

The tea leaves are left in a withering tank for 15-18 hours. This brings out the flavor by reducing the moisture in the tea leaves.


2. Rolling 

The moisture is squeezed out of the tea leaves to facilitate fermentation.


3. Loosening 

The now hardened (compacted) tea leaves are loosened. The still large tea leaves are then rolled again.


4. Fermentation 

The tea leaves are fermented by putting them in a fermentation room with a temperature of 25° C and a humidity of 95% for 1.5 to 3 hours.


5. Drying 

The leaves ae dried with hot air to stop the fermentation process. 


6. Grading 

Classify tea leaves according to the size of tea leaves.