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Ryutsu Service Co., Ltd.

Our company is based on the idea of integrated tea company, unifying tea farming, unrefined tea processing, making tea products and the sales phases. We are waiting for the participants who want to connect this experience to business in their country to support it with accurate tea information like history, culture and quality.

Company address 340 Kurasawa, Kikugawa-shi, Shizuoka
Tea varieties Ordinary Sencha, Fukamushi Sencha, Genmaicha, Hojicha, Matcha, Powdered Tea, Gyokuro
Languages Japanese, English (Depends on the period)
Contact Keiko Igarashi / Hiroko Hattori
Website Ryutsu Service Co., Ltd.

Online program


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  • How to brew Japanese tea
  • Japanese/Shizuoka tea history, industory, and functionality
  • Tea cultivation
  • Unrefined tea process
  • Refining process
  • Tea evaluation method




Onsite program A

  • Shizuoka tea briefing and preparation practice by World Green Tea Association
  • Lesson in Japanese tea and Shizuoka tea history, industry, and functionality at the Tea Museum, Shizuoka
  • Training in tea cultivation at tea field
  • Unrefined tea factory tour, Experience of hand-rolled tea making
  • Refining tea factory tour and tea packaging experience
  • Tea tasting, Tea evaluation
  • Matcha factory tour

From the host

We tell you the tea making process from the traditional way to the latest and special method.

Available in Japanese, English


Study period 1 day to 3 weeks *3 weeks program is only available during harvesting season
Participation fee None
Capacity 2-3 persons

We arrange an accommodation nearby. (Accommodation fee: around 8,000yen/night)

Entry qualifications This program is available only for the people who are willing to build the business relationship after the program.
What to bring

Laptop computer (not essential but useful), Farm work-appropriate clothing and shoes, Daily necessities


*In order to prevent the spread of infectious disease, Japan is currently implementing immigration restrictions on travelers.Please confirm the latest condition when traveling. Link to Ministry of Foreign Affaires of Japan:



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