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OSADA Seicha Co., Ltd

The town of Morimachi, in northwestern Shizuoka Prefecture, flourished in the premodern Edo period as a hub of tea distribution second only to Shizuoka City. Based here, Osada Seicha has partnered with producers of organic tea in neighboring Harunocho for more than 30 years. The company also owns a tencha tea farm, where participants are invited to practice management. The finishing factory commissioned in 2019 is fitted with the latest equipment, and comes complete with a retail department nearby.

Company address 2001 Mutsumi, Morimachi, Shuchi-gun, Shizuoka
Tea varieties Ordinary sencha, fukamushi sencha, genmaicha, hojicha, matcha, powdered tea, black tea, fermented tea
Languages Japanese, English
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Online program


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<Available contents>
  • How to brew Japanese tea
  • Japanese/Shizuoka tea history, industry, and functionality
  • Tea cultivation
  • Unrefined tea process
  • Refining process
  • Tea evaluation method
<Special notes>
  • Learn about the main tea cultivars utilized per region of Japan and tea type, along with their characteristics (as well as rarer cultivar types, and the ones we utilize most often in our production processes)
  • Question and answer session with award-winning tea master Natsumi Osada
    available in Japanese and English
  • Online course content conducted by James, a Nihoncha Instructor certified by
    the Nihoncha Instructor Association
  • Once travel is OK we will give you a tour of tea facilities / museums in Shizuoka,
    and we will go see our tea fields and production processes up-front.
  • Until then, join us online for all the information you need!
  • This program is available only for tea business operator.



Onsite program A

  • Shizuoka tea briefing and preparation practice
  • Lesson in Japanese tea and tea ceremony practice at the Tea Museum, Shizuoka
  • Hear about the tea farmers’ annual work cycle while helping with tea farm management
  • “Yamabuki Nadeshiko” one of the fermented tea production, from primary processing to refining
  • Refining process
  • Tea evaluation methods
  • Osadaen Honten, tea shop waiting staff training

From the host

Osada Seicha is a small company and will require participants to experience all processes of tea production.

Study period 30 days (1 month) *Study period and duration negotiable
Participation fee 75,000 yen (accommodations) Breakfast will be included with additional 2,500 yen / day
Capacity 2 persons
Accommodations Furnished apartment or the like near the study site
Entry qualifications Tea business operator
What to bring Farm work-appropriate clothing and shoes, daily necessities, laptop computer (not essential but useful)


*In order to prevent the spread of infectious disease, Japan is currently implementing immigration restrictions on travelers.Please confirm the latest condition when traveling. Link to Ministry of Foreign Affaires of Japan:



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