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Delicious Japanese Green Tea

Japanese green tea has always had a place in daily life. It has been used to show respect to honored guests at home or in the tea ceremony, and also as a drink to help digestion after meals. Japanese green tea is chosen according to one's mood and the occasion. Generally, sencha is for everyday use and is found in every household and office, gyokuro is intended more for valued guests, while bancha is ready to be enjoyed with the family after a meal.
The most basic tea kits include a tea pot, a water cooler and tea cups. Usually, the smaller the cup, the better the quality of the tea to be served.

General Japanese Green Tea Serving Method

Tea number of people amount of tea leaves temperature of the water amount of water time for steeping temperature of tea at time of service amount of tea in each cup total amount of tea being served
(high quality)
3 10 g 50c 60 ml 150 sec. 35c 12 ml 36 ml
3 10 g 60c 60 ml 120 sec. 40c 13 ml 39 ml
(high quality)
3 6 g 70c 180 ml 120 sec. 50c 50 ml 150 ml
5 10 g 90c 450 ml 60 sec. 65c 80 ml 400 ml
Bancha 5 15 g 100c 650 ml 30 sec. 75c 100 ml 500 ml
Houjicha 5 15 g 100c 650 ml 30 sec. 75c 120 ml 600 ml

For the second service, steeping time can be about 1/3 the normal time, since the leaves have already absorbed a certain amount of water.
One teaspoon of tea leaves equals about 5 grams.

Way of Serving Delicious Japanese Green Tea

The main factor determining the taste and aroma of drinking tea is its preparation. First, low acidic soft water suitable for Japanese green tea is boiled. Next, measure out the tea and check the amount and temperature of the hot water, according to the kind of tea used. Next, pour hot water into the pot. After steeping for the proper time, pour the tea a little at a time into each cup in turn until all the water in the pot is used up.


Gyokuro is the precious tea, it is mainly served a treat to visitors. So, to make good Gyokuro tea the boiled water should be cooled to 50c to 60c before the tea is steeped 120 to 150 sec. The amount of water used should be about half that used when making Sencha.

1. Cool down by pouring the boiled water into tea cups.(About 5C is cooled by this method)

2. Place the tea leaves into the tea pot. 6-10g for 3-5 people

3. Pour the cooled down water into the tea pot Water temp. 70-90C. Steeping time 60-120 sec.

4.Serve equally into each tea cup until the final drop is poured. Serving temp. 50-65C.


1. Place the tea leaves into the tea pot. About 15g for 5 people

2. Pour the proper quantity of boiled water and leave it steeping for about 30 sec. Be sure to use boiled water.

3. Serve into each tea cup equally until the final drop is poured. Serving temp. 75C.

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