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Matcha (Powdered green tea)

To learn basic manner of drinking green tea.

Light tea:

Green tea

  1. As the tea is served, bow to the host. Hold the cup using the right hand, then place into the left hand, and then using your right hand place the cup between you and the next person who is going to drink tea after you, and gracefully bow and say "Osakini"(Excuse me for drinking before you).
  2. Using your right hand, pick the cup up, then place the cup to the original position. Before drinking tea, bow once again. With your right hand pick the cup up, then place it in your left hand, and then with both hands hold the cup securely and lift up little bit, then bow again to show your appreciation.
  3. Spin the cup clockwise two times, and avoid the design of the cup comes to in front of you.
  4. Taste the tea carefully. Usucha is served individually, so it is up to you to drink up or how many sips to take
  5. Wipe off the cup where the area your mouth touched, using your thumb and forefinger, then wipe those fingers using Kaishi (Traditional Japanese paper napkin for tea ceremony)
  6. Spin the cup to counter clockwise until and the design of the cup comes in front of you. Then bow and say "Oishiku itadakimashita" (I enjoyed the tea).

How to eat "Wagashi" (Japanese confectionery) with tea

  1. Namagashi (fresh kind)
    If it is not served individually, first take the Kaishi out, then take the chopsticks using your right hand, then receive those chopsticks with your left hand, and then return them to your right hand to hold them with your fingers properly. Place your left hand lightly on the plate, then pick the sweets using the chopsticks in your right hand and then place it on the kaishi. After that, make sure to wipe the edge of the chop sticks with Kaishi and put them back on the plate.
  2. For dry kind of sweet.
    Take the kaishi out, place your left hand lightly to the plate, then using your right hand , pick one. If there are two kinds of sweets, take the farthest one from you. To eat, you can use your hand to break it into pieces.