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Black tea

Let's learn some manners for the English style tea party.

For the host:

Black tea

Entertain the guests with hospitality

  • Most importantly, the tea should be served with hospitality, and the movement to serve tea has to be gracious.
  • Prepare some milk, and hot water, so that the guests can adjust their tea with own taste.
  • Prepare tea and cakes more than guests may need, so they will feel comfortable drinking and eating as much they want. If possible, prepare the homemade desert.

For the guest:

  • If you are invited to a tea party, and would like to bring something to the host, homemade desert, food or seasonal flower will be most welcomed. It may be a good idea to discuss with other invited people to decide what to bring.
  • At the party, you may drink tea as much as you want; however, you need to finish before passing your cup to the host for the refill.
  • If the tea is too dark or bitter, you can use hot tea to weaken tea.
  • If some sandwiches or cookies were served, take only one at once, then pass to the next person. Don't break a cookie into small pieces.