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Koushun (Koshun)






Koushun (Koshun): Medium maturing cultivar with unprecedented perfume



Quality characteristics

It grows a larger number of buds and the plucked buds exhibit an extremely uniform and good shape. The appearance of crude tea is also excellent and very easy to finely twist. Its characteristics consist of a strong persistent scent and a harmonious flavor leaving a mild aftertaste and a rich flavor. The flavor of “Koushun” is highly rated, as surveys show, for its strong taste, pleasant scent and umami. The especially young female generation have opinions that this tea reflects the image of a refreshing scent.


Notes on cultivation

The vigor of the trees is strong and the shape of the trees is open type, so the maintenance and tailoring of young trees is easy. However, with maturity, the number of buds tends to increase, so it is necessary to systematically care for the trees in order to maintain high yields. In addition, due to its susceptibility to white peach scales, careful control is required.


Notes on processing

 “Koushun” can be finely twisted and easily formed. Also, because of its refreshing aroma deep steaming is not considered appropriate. If the aftertaste feels a bit astringent, it can be steamed to a degree that does not affect the aroma.


Dissemination and land suitability for cultivation

 “Koushun” is suitable for the entire area of ​​Shizuoka Prefecture because of its high yield and strong resistance to cold. It is a medium-maturity cultivar with a characteristic flavor and therefore it is ideal for a region aiming for local branding that emphasizes quality.