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The amount of vitamins contained in the tea leaves can be differed depending on the types of tea. Especially Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E are greatly reduced during the process especially at the fermentation process. Longer it takes the process, the vitamins remaining in the tea become smaller. That means green tea loose least vitamins among other kind of tea. Let's compare the containing amount of vitamin C on different kind of tea: Green tea- 150-300mg, Oolong tea 40-50mg, Black tea and Pu-er tea-almost 0. However, even within the category of green tea, amount of vitamin C may be greatly different. For example, Gyokuro only carries half amount of Vitamin C compare to Sencha. Now, let's compare the amount of vitamins contained in the tea with other vegetables. Please take a look at the table 1. Among them, green tea is only the dried food, so, it may be natural that tea is containing much more vitamins compare to other. Vitamin C can be released well in the water or in the hot water, but vitamin A or vitamin E can not be released in the liquid. To take full advantage of vitamin A and vitamin E from tea, tea should be crashed in the tiny pieces, and used as ingredient for cooking. This way, they can be easily released in our body.

(Isao Tomita)