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Flavonoid is a general term of chemical compound related to flavone. The basic structure of flavonoid is 2 phenyl groups are connecting through 3 carbons. Flavonoid is often contained in the plants to give colors. Some food also contains flavonoid. Flavone, isoflavone, flavonol, flavanon, kalkon, flavanol, and anthocyiagine are the components of flavonoid. Those listed are also the general terms of chemical compound, so if we track the elements of each compound, there will be more than 4,000 components are creating the flavonoid. Flavonoid has strong effect on eliminating the active oxygen. Tea catechin is a flavanor derivative, and compound flavonoid of polyhydorochysiflavan-3-all. The flavonoid contained in the green tea has chelsechine (flavonole derivative) and anthocyanin (anthocyanigine derivative) besides catechin.

(Mamoru Isemura)