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Additive to the tea

The indications of food and additives are controlled by Food Hygiene Law. This law prescribes the approved additives which had been proved by Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan. Also all the additives must be indicated. In Shizuoka prefecture, in order to prevent the production of defective teas and illegal process, Shizuoka tea manufacturing guidance was established in May, 1956, and it has been strictly controlled the safety and the quality of the tea produced in Shizuoka especially the coloring and the additives. Tea contains more than 20 different types of amino acid. Among them teanine is the largest part. Teanine is the important element of deciding tea's flavor. Caffeine produces bitterness while catechin produces astringency. When those three factors are mixed in great balance, makes excellent tea. If additives such as artificial flavoring are used, the taste becomes unnatural and unpleasant.