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World tea consumption

The total tea consumption of the world is 3,000,000 tons a year. In 1990, it was recorded as 2500,000 tons. That means 50,000 tons consumption has grown in 10 years. India is the world famous tea consuming country. People in India drink approximately 6,200,000 tons tea every year. Next biggest tea consuming country is China, then England, and Japan. Approximately 1,400,000 tons tea are drank in Japan every year. However, if we compare the amount of tea drank by each person, people in England drink the tea most. Then Morocco, Quate, Turkey, and Qatar. Japanese people drink about 1/2 to 1/3 amount tea compare to above listed countries. India, China, Russia are the large countries with high population, therefore, the total amount of tea consumption is large, however that does not mean everybody drink lot of tea in daily bases. People in some of the Middle Eastern countries love drinking tea, and in some countries, they have very high tea consumption rate per person. In Europe, except in Ireland and England, teas are not commonly drank. Their total consumption of drinking tea is 1/3 to 1/5 compare to the U.S. or Japan. In Africa, although people in Morocco, Tanzania and Egypt drink tea in daily basis, in other part of Africa, teas are not very common drink. People in New Zealand and Australia drink tea as much as Japanese people do.

(Yukio Kosugi)