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Green tea consumption

Approximately 600,000 tons of green tea is consumed every year in the world. It is about 1/5 of total consumption on all kind of tea. However, interest in green tea has lead to an increased consumption. Green tea consumption report in 1998 tells that the total green tea consumption have grown by approximately 20 % in last 10 years. Major green tea consumption countries are located in East Asia. Only few percentage of the people in Europe, U.S., Africa drink green tea. Chinese are the largest green tea-drinking nation. People in China consume approximately 50 % of the total green tea consumption in the world. Japan is the secondly largest green tea drinking country. About 80,000 tons green tea are consumed in Japan every year. In Indonesia 30,000 tons and in Vietnam 20,000 tons green tea are consumed each year. Last 10 years the consumption amount has not increased or decreased much in Japan, but in China and Vietnam the number has increased slightly. The amount of green tea consumption of a year by beach person is 650g in Japan, 380g in Vietnam, 320g in China, and 200g in Indonesia. In any other countries, people drink much less green tea than those listed countries.

(Yukio Kosugi)