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Green tea production in the World

The total tea production of the world is approximately 2,960,000 tons a year. Among them, 70% are the black tea and 22% (640,000 tons)are the green tea. China is a largest green tea producing country, and China produce 480,000 tons tea a year. Green teas are also produced in Japan-83,000 tons, Vietnam-31,000 tons, Indonesia-38,000 tons, India-9,000 tons, and Russia-2,000 tons. In 1991, World tea symposium was hold, and this symposium provided the tremendous information on effectiveness of green tea to the world. Since then, more people became aware of the importance of drinking green tea, which lead the rapid increase on green tea demand. Japanese green tea are made with steaming process while Chinese tea use roasting process. We often roughly say "green tea", however there are many different kinds of green tea among the category of green tea, and those taste, aroma, and the way of drinking can be completely different.

World Tea Production and Green Tea Share Country name/ Total tea production amount(tons)/ Green tea production amount (tons) Ratio/ Green tea World Share

China/648,000/480,000 74%/75%

Japan/83,000/83,000 100%/13%

Indonesia/152,000/152,000 25%/6%

Vietnam/47,000/31,000 66%/5%

India/648,000/9,000 1%/1%

Sri Lanka/280,00/1000 0%/1(0)%

Kenya/294000/0 -/-

Turkey/120000/0 -/-

Other/683000/2000 -/2%

Total/2963000/644000 22%/100% l

FAO [ Production Year Book]

(Yasukazu Kawashima)