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Why do British people like black tea?

There are some reasons why England is called tea-lover's country. In England, people use hard water which cannot extract much flavor and taste from green tea, especially unfermented one or half fermented oolong tea. However, for black tea, which is fermented completely, their water works well and takes rich flavor and color, although color becomes deeper and unclear. English is also a famous of its dairy industry, and they produce high quality milk. There is something very special about the taste on their milk. It is rich, creamy, and has sweetness in taste. By adding this milk into tea, you can make amazing drink. The soil in England is not very suitable for growing vegetables or fruits, thus the dairy industry has grown so much in England. They have numbers of great dishes using milk, cream or beef. Since black tea has a neutralize effect against fat, same kind of effect as polyphenol of wine, black tea is considered to be a suitable drink for their diet. Also from another reason, black tea is suitable for England. That is related to the climate. The climate of England stay fairly cool even during the summer time, and they have very cold winter. Black tea has a effect on keeping one's body warm. A combination of Clotted cream, scones, and black tea are called "Cream tea" and are widely loved by British people. Recently the trend of drinking tea has changing as people became more conscious about their health. Now, many people don't add milk in their tea. Also people started to drink green tea and Chinese teas. I somehow feel sad about seeing this change.

(Yoshie Matsumiya)