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Difference between Ichibancha and Nibancha

Tea buds hibernate through the winter and wait for spring to come. In March, buds start flushing and new leaves are developed. It takes a month before getting ready for the first harvest from that time. Between late April to early May, Ichibancha (the first flush tea) is harvested. Ichibancha has high reputation and rated as a top quality tea. About 2 weeks after the first harvest, the new buds are started be growing, and approximately in 45 days, new leaves are ready for another harvest. These teas are called Nibancha. The reason that Nibancha cannot beat the quality and aroma of Ichibancha is because Ichibanch store plenty of nourishment during the winter. Also while Nibancha grow very fast, Ichibancha grow slowly from the time the climate is relatively still cold. Also Ichibancha contains 3 times more theanine than Nibancha. Theanine is a main source of taste of tea. This also explains why Ichibancha taste much better than others.