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O-CHA Pioneer Award

What is O-CHA Pioneer Award??

For the further development of tea, we praise the person/group publicly for their effort, who contributed to the tea related excellent academic research, industrial technology or products and tea culture for the expansion of tea consumption.

Each Award


Award Detail
Academic Research Award Excellent academic research related to tea
Industrial Technology Award Development of excellent technologies and products related to tea production and consumption
Culture and Arts Award

Outstanding achievements in tea culture and art

O-CHA Special Award

Excellent global achievements related to tea and the contribution of spreading Japanese tea

CHAllenge Award Ambitious efforts to drive the future of tea


Nomination to O-CHA Pioneer Award

Nomination period (2024)

1st of October 2023 - 5th of January 2024

*The letter of recommendation must arrive by the closing day.

How to nominate/recommend

When you recommend a candidate for the Pioneer Award, submit the following recommendation letter to us. For details, please see the recommendation letter.

*You can recommend multiple candidates regardless of self-recommendation.

Award decision

The total number (excluding CHAllenge Award) is four or less.

CHAllenge Award shall not limit the number of awards received.


The four awards, "Academic Research Award", "Industrial Technology / Product Development Award", "Culture and Arts Award" and "O-CHA Special Award" a prize of 50,000 Japanese yen will be awarded to each winner.

*CHAllenge Award is not subject to prize.

Award Winners in the past