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Green tea leaves contain starch, protein, lipid, vitamins, and minerals (Refer to nutrition of tea). Others are catechins, amino acids, caffeine, chlorophyl, pigment, alcohol, and aroma components such as Terupen. One of amino acids, theanine, which is a Japanese green tea's characteristic delicious taste known as "umami", accounts for 0.6~2% in 100g of green tea. Recently its effect on relaxation and promoting the effect of anti-cancer is pointed. Another amino acid, GABA, which accounts for 0.1~0.2%, has an effect on blood pressure. Catechins, included in polyphenol, accounts for 15%, and have anti-hypercholesterolemic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, ati-mutagenic, anti-hyperglycemic, , anti-viral, anti-alergy, anti-halitosis, anti-hypertentitive, anti-thrombocyte cohesion effects, and bowel modulating. Also there is polysaccharides that have aroma factor and anti-hyperglycemic effect. 2~4% of caffeine is also included, which is regarded as a nervous system stimulant and cardiac muscle stimulant, and has effect on diuretic and sleep matter. Most of the components are unsoluble in water, which means that foodstuff except vitamin C and minerals remains in tea leaves after extraction. Extract of tea contains catechins, caffeine, theanine and GABA, which provide physiological effects. Drinking tea before bedtime will prevent you from falling asleep because a cup of green tea contains 40~50mg of caffeine. *Physiological functions of green tea components catechins anti-oxidative, anti-mutageic, anti-tumor, anti-hyperglycemic, reducing blood pressure, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-carious, anti-hypertensive actions, anti-allergy, bowel modulatingr and reduction of odors caffeine central nervous system stimulant, effect on sleep, cardiac muscle stimulant, diuretic, anti- asthma, and metabolism Theanine Relaxation, promoting the effect of anti-cancer, prevention of Alzheimer's disease r-amino butyric acids

(Mamoru Isemura)