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Respiratory infection is caused by various virus diseases, among which the flu is the worst. Tea prevents nasal and throat infection by the influenza virus. Catechins in green tea and Teafurabin in black tea combine with red corpuscle coherence called spike and prevent the infection by virus. Catechins are effective both on virus A and B, which is proven by animal models and clinical testing. Although the current influenza vaccine and anti-influenza medicine have effect on influenza, they are not effective on preventing the infection. Mouth washing doesn't prevent the infection either, though it kills the germs. To prevent the infection of the flu, gargling with diluted green tea, black tea or oolong tea is advised. Warm tea is effective and first or second serve of tea is effective because it contains more catechins and Teafurabin. When gargling, it is advised to face up and gargle. It is also advised that you gargle when you have a sore throat, when you come back from the crowd, when there are people who have cold around you, or before you go to bed. Drinking tea is also effective, moisturizing your throat.

(Tadakatsu Shimamura)