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The risk factor of cerebrovascular accident is high blood pressure. Catechins and gaba contained in tea leaves have an effect on controlling high blood pressure, which gives an idea that they are effective on prevention of cerebrovascular accident. In SHRSP (Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat, Stroke Prone), the value of TBARS increases before cerebrovascular accident, and a drastic increase is shown after the cerebrovascular accident. (Tomita, I Etal.Stroke 10,323-326,1979) Accordingly, activities of anti-oxidation such as SOD and Gurutachion-S-Transferaze, are regulated. Tea catechins stays anti-oxidative even in human body, which strengthen the effect of preventing cerebrovascular accident. Recent researches show that NO is closely related to cerebrovascular accident in M-SHRSP, where there are more tendency of cerebrovascular accident. In other words, a large amount of NO and Super Okishidonionradical are generated in brain in case of cerbrovascular accident , which generates Parokishinightlight, which probably causes disorder in brain.(Tabuchi M. etsl.,Jpn Heart J. 39,577,1998) Tea catechins have an effect on making Parokishinightlight inert. There are several results in epidemiology that show the effct of drinking tea on cerebrovascular accident.

(Isao Tomita)