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Alzheimer's disease and brain vascular dimentia are two big causes of dimentia. Cellotonin is one of neurons that plays an important role in brain functions. One of Cellotonin‘s functions is to reduce secretion of Colchizoru to prevent brain obsolescence and senescence. In other words, increase of Cellotonin in brain increases mental stability and dicreases secretion of Colchizoru, preventing brain diseases. Under stress, adrenal cortex hormone is secreted and adrenal cortex hormone is emitted from adrenal cortex, which kills brain cells and causes brain obsolescence and brain senescence. Caffeine and theanene in tea have effect on increasing Colchizoru, which shows the possibility of preventing brain diseases by drinking tea. An effective remedy of Alzheimer's disease is to maintain the function of nerve cells related to memory in forebrain, and theanene is reported that it has an effect on maintaining the function of nerve cells in a healthy state. The main cause of brain vascular dimentia is arteriosclerosis. Well balanced Japanese meals accompanied by tea are recommended to prevent arteriosclerosis. Tea catechins have anti-oxidative, anti-hypercholesterolemic, anti-LDL concentration, and anti-hypertensive effects. Those effects of catechins are regarded to prevent arteriosclerosis and brain vascular dimentia.

(Fumiko Hayakawa)