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Tea has antibacterial effect against many bacteria and mold, such as cholera bacillus in colon tube, dysentery bacillus, typhoid bacillus, whooping cough bacillus on respiration organs, pneumonia micro-plasma, bacteria that cause food poisoning such as salmonella, Yellow staphylococcus, Athlete's foot bacillus of athlete's foot, Helicobakuta-Pirori that causes stomach and duodenum ulcer, colon bacillus 0157, MRSA and Penicillin Tolerance pneumonia micrococcus that antibiotics do not work. 1mg of tea diluted to one tenth of regular tea kills 10000 bacteria. Time for sterilization depends on bacillus. The material in tea that kills bacteria is catechin, the astringent taste of green tea, the strongest of which is epigallocatechin gallate. Catechins damage membrane of bacteria as some antibiotics do. When catechins are intaken with some antibiotics such as penicillin, it strengthen the effect of the antibiotics. Tea also has detoxification against toxin produced by bacteria. It is also catechins' work. Catechins have effect on cholera, whooping cough, colon infection and food poisoning. They work as an antibody and tea is regarded to be useful to prevent cholera and food poisoning.

(Tadakatsu Shimamura)