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Spontaneously hypertensive rats are grouped into A and B. Rats in A group are fed regular foods, while fats in B group are fed foods containing 0.5% catechins for 16 weeks, when the foods are exchanged. The Fig.1 shows the results. It shows that blood pressure of SHR is controlled when adding catechins in foods. Also in an experiment of SHR-Stroke Prone (SHRSP), fewer cerebrovaxcular accidents are reported and the survival period increased by over 15%. This anti-hypertensive effect is recognized in human beings. Both the highest and lowest blood pressure are lowered by catechins. GABA tea, which is produced after 5 hours in stock after the plucking, has 150mg of r-Amino Butyric Acid, GABA that has anti-gypertensive effect beside catechins. Regular green tea has 10mg ~ 10s of mg, which shows that GABA is more effective on high blood pressure.

(Isao Tomita)