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Rats that are fed more cholesterol (1% cholesterol and 15% lard included) for 4 weeks show much increase in LDL cholesterol in blood and a little decrease in HDL cholesterol compared with rats that are fed regular foods. When 1% of green tea catechins is added to the high cholesterol diet, LDL increase is suppressed. LDL cholesterol is said to be con because it carries cholesterol to artery to cause arteriosclerosis, and HDL cholesterol is said to be pro because it carries excessive cholesterol from artery to liver. In recent research, the report shows that LDL is oxidized in vessel cells and taken into micro-Phage, which causes arteriosclerosis. In vitro experiment proved that green tea catechins delay the oxidation of LDL. Oxidation of LDL in human blood vessels who has been taking green tea catechins for a week (480mg a day) is delayed by 15 minutes than when not taking catechins.

(Isao Tomita)