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Green tea

We are located in Kakegawa, Shizuoka, and have been working with green tea for many years. As a wholesale green tea dealer, we look for traditional and innovative green teas. We have much kind of green teas and use our knowledge to develop many new products that help promote good health.

We are a green tea manufacturer, packer, and wholesaler in Shizuoka. We export our unique products hand in hand with the trading firms. Also we accept requests from the privately owned shops. Please visit our web site and feel free to contact our marketing coordinator.

We were established in 1865. We are located in Shizuoka, Japan, and have been working with green tea for 154 years. In our company KOYAMA EN, we combine different elements of tea from our selected production areas. Our tea master makes his own beautiful original KOYAMA EN blend. Our master tea blender customizes the blend to our customer's needs making their ideal taste, scent & color by blending KOYAMA EN’s tea leaves. Our tea is famous for its valuable original blend.

Ujinotsuyu Seicha is a group company of Fukujuen, which was established in Kyoto over 220 years ago and one of the largest Japanese tea manufacturers. Ujinotsuyu Seicha exports Japanese tea to more than 50 countries for over 40 years from Kyoto.

Foundation in 1894. We have been making specialty tea. Unwavering commitment and peace of mind that has been accumulated quietly since its foundation. Foundation in 1894. We have been making specialty tea. Under thorough quality control,We deliver safe and secure specialty tea to everyone.

From farm to the cup. - Fantastic experience.

Since our establishment in 1881, Birouen Tea House has strived for "sincere service" to customers and a continuing focus on making great teas leading all the way to our current fifth generation president and tea master. We carefully select the best tea from around Kagoshima to blend and roast in the best way to bring out each teas full taste potential, and now we offer it to you. We hope that our dedication to provide consistently delicious tea and great service might promote a lifestyle together with tea, and bring happy moments to our customers.