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Serving Thousands of Green Tea Merchants for 80 years.

Since its foundation in 1929, HISHIDAI has been supplying quality green tea products to thousands of tea merchants in Japan. Currently, including Private Label and Private Brand products, we deliver over 3,000 green tea items to wholesalers and retailers across the country. With the launch of Green Tea Direct, HISHIDAI is proud to offer its products to wholesale and retail buyers in North America, Europe and Asia.

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Shincha tea bag and powder

Shincha tea bag, (525yen/5g*7 pieces @ retail in Japan ) Shincha Powder (420yen/20g @ retail in Japan ) For further information (bulk, wholesale price etc), please feel free to contact us.

We offer 2 easy ways to prepare shincha; tea bags and fine powder. Both are 100% Japanese green tea and made from 2009 first harvest. Please enjoy the most fresh and soft fragrance of shincha without any trouble brewing. Available from April 27th.

Tea Bags for Teapots

Sencha, (525yen/5g*16 pieces @ retail in Japan ) Hojicha (525yen/5g*20 pieces @ retail in Japan ) Matcha Genmaicha. (525yen/5g*20 pieces @ retail in Japan) For further information (bulk, wholesale price etc) , please contact us.

This product is designed to be brewed in teapots rather than cups. One tea bag can be used to make up to four cups of tea. This product is designed to be brewed in teapots rather than cups. Its unique triangular design allows the tea leaves to circulate more freely, resulting in a richer brew.

Low Caffeine Sencha Powder

525yen/50g @retail in Japan (bulk package). 525yen/05g*30@retail in Japan ( packets).

This fine powder contains a half of caffeine compared to usual Sencha.

Low Caffeine Leaf Sencha -Sayaka

630yen/100g @retail in Japan.

This product is decaffeinated naturally and contains a half of caffeine compared to usual Sencha. The tea is 100 % from Shizuoka and it is in a convenient re-sealable bag.

Gokuno Sencha

1,575yen/80g @retail in Japan.

The main leaf for this product is harvested in the tea farm which won the Best Gold Prize at the World Green Tea Contest 2007. This is truly for fans of old fashioned green tea.


840yen/100g @ retail in Japan

Our famous charcoal-roasted hojicha with a rich, inviting aroma and taste. Using tea leaves specifically grown for high-temperature slow roasting, a seasoned artisan manually roasts the tea lot by lot.