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Maruyama Tea Products Corporation

Go Green through and through.

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Founded in 1933 in Shizuoka, Maruyama is renowned for producing tea with superb flavors, marrying tradition with the latest technology. We have developed high quality country-specific products for the North American, European and Asian markets, and all our teas meet both national and international food safety standards. We have received JAS organic certification, and achieved ISO14001 status.

510-3, Itasawa, Kakegawa, Shizuoka, 436-0016
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tel. +81-537-24-5588 / fax. +81-537-24-5579

Products Information

Chashi Meijin Cha

1500yen (without tax) Premium grade fukamushi sencha. Mild and sweet in taste. shorter brewing time is required for this full-bodied tea.

Chashi Meijin Cha was the first Japanese tea to win a gold medal at the Monde Selection, recognized worldwide as the leading food and drink awards, in 2006, 2007 and 2008. This tea is Fukamushi Sencha. The mellow flavor and the marvelous fragrance shows the highest quality of leaves.


1000yen (without tax) Sencha is the most popular green tea in Japan.

This tea comes from Shizuoka and is made from the first flush teas. The fine dark green tea leaves give a golden-green infusion and a slightly sweet taste. The flavors of Sencha are a delicate sweetness and a mild astringency.

Fukamushi Sencha

1000yen(without tax) Fukamushi-Sencha, which is steamed longer twice times than the standard Sencha. its flavor is thick but very little bitterness and astringent taste. Color of liquor appears rich dark green.

This tea comes from Kakegawa. This is the fine dark-green tea leaves have a unique flavors and give a rich emerald green infusion. Its taste is almost bitter less.

Organic Matcha

2000yen(without tax) These are covered to stop the sunshine. The leaves are steamed, the veins of the leaf are taken out before drying. Macha is used for tea ceremonies. The powder can also be used for cooking.

This is the organic Matcha. It has been produced according to the strict guidelines of the JAS. This Matcha has a pure green color and slightly sweet taste. It contains an ample amount of catechins, vitamin C, minerals, fibers and the other nutrition.

Tea Bag Sencha / Genmaicha

500yen(1.8g x 10 pcs without tax) This Tea Bag is packed 10 individual packages in the plastic box. There are two kind of Tea Bag. One is Sencha, the other one is Genmaicha.

It is made by using the special high quality tea leaves. It is manufactured to get good color, taste, and aroma. Each tea bag is individually packaged in a foil wrapper to insure freshness.

Organic Powdered Green Tea

1000yen(without tax) Powder Green Tea is ground by the grinder to extra fine powder. You can use for both hot & cold water. And you can also use for cooking dishes and desserts.

This Powdered Green Tea is made from organic green tea. It has been produced according to the strict guidelines of the JAS. It contains an ample amount of catechins, vitamin C, minerals, fibers and the other nutrition.