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Delicious Japanese teas carefully crafted and blended with knowledge and care acquired over 140 years in the tea industry. Currently overseen by our fifth generation No.1 ranked tea master.

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Since our establishment in 1881, Birouen Tea House has strived for "sincere servitude" to customers and a continuing focus on making great teas. Modern-day society's concern for the safety of the foods we consume have led to a renewed determination for us to uphold our important duties as a producer and supplier. We will further advance our ongoing efforts to develop our human resources through new policies, policy management and corporate governance activities. Above all, we will continue along our main path of relentless tea making so that we may provide a wonderfully fragrant tea experience, while also contributing to the advancement of the tea industry as a whole.

5-2 Nakamachi, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima
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Products Information

Toku-sen Hoshu

Green Tea, 100g per package at 2,160 JPY

Our highest quality house blend of sencha green tea. Whose ingredient leaves, blend ratios, and roasting temperature are all personally overseen by our tea master. It has a rich and round taste, sometimes reminding of Gyokuro, and a mellow and sweet aroma that lingers.

Oku Kirishima Cha

Green Tea from Kirishima region in Kagoshima. 100g per package at 1,080 JPY

Japanese high mountain sencha green tea, grown in the secluded and cool mountain valleys of northern Kagoshima. Nutrient rich volcanic soil and natural shading comes together to bring this luxurious tea. Sweet and mellow aroma with a refreshing taste.

Organic Yasashii Megumi Cha

Organic Green Tea Sencha Powder, 45g per package at 864JPY

Certified organic powder green tea. Made of choice leaves from a certified organic contract-farm. Perfect for a quick cup of tea on the go, easily mixed with both hot and cold water, and excellent to use in baking and cooking.

Totteoki Chiran Cha Ten

Green tea from Chiran region in Kagoshima. 100g per package at 1,620 JPY

Harmonious blend of Southern Japan’s characteristic umami and slight bitter tastes, leaves are 100% sourced from Minami Kyushu city where famous tea growing region.

Satsumarché Assort Teabags

7 Assorted Teabags, 7 Pcs per package at 864JPY

Cute and simple individually packaged teabags. Consist of 7 different teas; Deep steamed sencha, Chiran sencha, Black tea, Roasted green tea, Sencha with Yuzu, Sencha with Satsuma-mandarin, Sencha with Matcha. Suggested serving size one tea bag per person.

Totteoki Fukamushi Cha Ten

Deep steamed sencha green tea. 100g per package at 1,620JPY

Deep steamed reserve tea of the highest quality. Fresh leaves from the spring harvest are instantly vacuum packaged and laid to rest for use later in the year. Characterized by its deep green color liquid, rich and mellow taste with a slight bitter touch.