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Sasaki Green Tea Company

Awarded Emperor’s Cup-fantastic tea experience

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Sasaki Green Tea Company is a long established tea manufacturing company. After the war, the company established a sales company that covers refining and wholesaling. This year, we launched a new brand "Cha-no-niwa", the concept is to deliver "tea is really cool!" to consumers. Our company has a tea expert who have won the highest award in refining tea skill in Shizuoka prefecture. We have been awarded 34 times in both crude tea and refining categories of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, as well as the Emperor's Cup, the highest honor in the production category.

350 Kamiuchida, Kakegawa city, Shizuoka pref.
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Products Information

Kakegawa Fukamushicha

410yen / 100g

Fukamushicha is best infused for a shorter time than Sencha. It is also suitable for making cold infusions. This is a long-seller, and popular for powerful refreshing taste of the Yabukita.

Mizudashi Sencha


This is a cold brew tea bag made from first flush of Kakegawa Fukamushicha and fresh matcha. It is perfect daily beverage and good for your health.

Green Tea Powder

860yen / 0.5g x 30pieces

You can take the whole nutrients contained in green tea. Each can be either hot or iced.