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Participants' Review


Keller Melanie from Germany (Sep. 2020)

 First of all, I'd really like to thank you everyone from the Shizuoka Tea Study Program, especially my host company Ryutsu Service Co. Ltd. for their time and for sharing so much information and knowledge about Japanese tea. Not only was I able to learn a lot of valuable information and facts about tea production, but I was even able to create my own "Kaori Sencha" tea and therefore could experience all the necessary tea production steps in a hands-on approach. Furthermore, I could join in the harvesting and even weeding the organic tea fields, which helped a lot to appreciate how much hard work is necessary even before the actual production process starts. I also really enjoyed the several tea tasting and Matcha preparation sessions as well as the information regarding different cultivars and tea products.

  I am really grateful to everyone for this valuable experience and happy for the great partnerships and friendships that were created during the Shizuoka Tea Study Program. I am looking forward to coming back to Shizuoka the next time.


Company; greenuance



Yvette Arizala from Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Feb. 2020)

 Overall, the experience was truly meaningful and impactful. I still talk about it today with our tea community. The relationships, partnerships, and friendships created was probably the most important take away for me. 

 As a Tea Practitioner and Small Business Owner, it’s important to understand all the players & processes involved in the supply chain. The program provided an in-depth knowledge and deepened my understanding of Japanese Green Tea from production, brewing, blending, evaluation and tasting, while working side-by-side with Tea growers and Japanese Tea Experts.  

 I also highly enjoyed the interactive hands-on activities and workshops on Matcha preparation and learning how to create Nerikiri Japanese sweets.  

 Everyone was very generous with their time and willingness to share their knowledge and experience. I’d recommend this to anyone interested learning about Japanese Green Teas directly from the source. Once again, I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity.


Company; yv et té boutique artisan teas

Instagram & Facebook; @yvetteteas



Kingston Gee from San Francisco, United States (Feb. 2020)

 I want to once again thank everyone involved with allowing me to join the inaugural Shizuoka Tea Study Program. An extraordinary opportunity. 

 My time in Shizuoka was incredible. Everything was first class. Every question I asked was answered in full.

 I visited top-notch tea farms, Shizuoka Tea Market, a Gyokuro tea farm and tea house. I visited factories where aracha was refined, factories where the finalized product was set for delivery/export.

 I met so many people, so many Masters on this trip. What I was amazed at was; it was so obvious that each and every Master I met was so willing and gracious to voluntarily share information and knowledge. The information they dispensed was invaluable, yet they so willing and explained everything with no hesitation.  

 I truly feel the Program has changed my life, I feel such an obligation to share and give the information I have learned to anyone who is willing to receive it. (hopefully our customers, at ChaTo).


Company; ChaTo *link to Facebook



Marjolein from Netherlands (Feb. 2020)


  As a tea practitioner, I am always keen to learn more about tea. Being able to see tea farms, meet farmers and producers is something very special and offers many opportunities to learn.

 Although I have attended a tea study programme before in Shizuoka two years ago, I still have learned many new things on this tour. The programme had a good variety to show different aspects and perspectives within the tea industry.


Company; Simon Lévelt



P. Andre from France

 For any Japanese tea lover, doing the Shizuoka Tea Study Program in the province of Shizuoka which is the largest production area in Japan, located by the sea and the mountains, is a dream ... The World Green Tea Association's tea team is made up of enthusiasts and especially their members have given me a very warm welcome. I lived an experience which enriched me considerably and I no longer see Japanese tea in the same way.

 Meeting a temomi master, understanding how a tea master can transform a characterless aracha into a sublime sencha through the art of shiage, visiting the tea fields with the great Mount Fuji in the background is a unique experience.

 The internship lasted only five days but I learned a lot. I was finally able to discover the world of Japanese tea from the inside. And above all, everything went wonderfully well with always great attention to detail and quality.

I hope to be able to return to Japan after the health crisis and I will not fail to greet the members of the team if I go through Shizuoka. Thanks again for everything!


Company; Les Jardins de Gaïa



Yuri Hayashi from Brazil

 This program offers a great experience for those who want to immerse into the world of Japanese teas.
  In addition to all the technical information (cultivation, processing, tea cupping, etc.) with hands on lessons from local specialists, participants have access to the entire tea production inside various factories. The whole experience adds to our knowledge and helps to increase the perception of drinking Japanese tea.
  All the producers we visited were extremely receptive to the group. The program staff is very supportive as well, with english speaking guides.
  I have always enjoyed Japanese tea. But those days in Shizuoka had taken me to another level of appreciation for this culture.
Thank you for this unique opportunity!


Company; Escola de Cha Embahu – Tea School



Pavel & Veronica from Spain


The experience was very very good. Great to know the internal knowledge about tea industry.



 It’s a great opportunity to meet new farmers and tea company, always it's good to continue spread the differences ways to view the tea and to have new products in our tea business.

 Everything was perfect: the time, the schedules, the different experiences and learnings... Two years ago I had participated in another tea in Shizuoka and if I compared, this one was great.


Company; tesuko brand



Boris & Niels from Switzerland


 Everyone was so nice. This program was great. Very happy to participate.



 We work in the Tea Industry in Switzerland and it was a perfect occasion
to learn more about Japanese tea and meet farmers (something almost
impossible normally).

  The program was amazing! All the people we met were genuinely nice and
welcoming. All the activities and visits were interesting and well organized.