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World Green Tea Conference 2007

" World Green Tea Conference 2007 " Joint Declaration·Photo

"World Green Tea Conference 2007"Conference Details

World Green Tea Conference Joint Declaration

Photos(conference/tea ceremony)


To promote international cooperation and agreement among involved countries for expanding the global consumption of green tea and enabling its stable production.

2. Overview


World Green Tea Association


November 1 – 2, 2007


Ellipse Theatre DAENDO Indoor, Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (Shizuoka-city)


  • Rachmat Badruddin, Advisor,Indonesia Tea Industry Association
  • Wang Qing, Executive Vice Chairman, China Tea Marketing Association
  • Young-Gul Kim, Vice Chairman, Korean Tea Producer Association
  • Yvonne, IF, Kao, Executive Director, Taiwan Tea Exporters Association
  • Nguyen Kim Phong, Chairman, Vietnam Tea Industry Association
  • Kalle Grieger, German Tea Industry Association
  • Igor Titov, General Manager, Russian Committee of the XXI Century
  • Joseph P. Simrany, Chairman, The Tea Association of the U.S.A.
  • Hajime Matsumoto, Senior Managing Director, World Green Tea Association

(in order of presentation)


Mayumi Otsubo (President, Shizuoka Sangyo University)

Theme (proposal)

Expansion of tea consumption, labeling of Japanese tea and green tea

3. Discussion details for the conference

"Aiming for expansion of the global green tea consumption"
*Status of production and consumption in each country (latest trends in production and consumption)
* Promotion of expansion in global consumption and stable production – International agreement among involved countries
* Proposal of certification mark (label) for Japanese tea sold overseas.

World Green Tea Conference Joint Declaration

November 2, 2007

With the goal of increasing worldwide green tea consumption, participating organizations shall cooperate with the World Green Tea Association in exchanging information to promote collection and dissemination of green tea-related information and to implement specific activities to realize this goal.
Promotion period: 2007 through 2010


1. Participating organizations shall promote international scientific research on the health benefits of green tea and cooperate in disseminating research results to the green tea industry and the world media to contribute to global health and peace.

Safety and quality assurance

2. In order to provide safe and wholesome green tea to consumers around the world, participating organizations shall cooperate in promoting efforts to fulfill the legal requirements of each country and work toward their standardization.


3. Participating organizations shall endeavor to build a worldwide framework for promoting green tea consumption and for spreading the traditional culture associated with green tea as well as new ways to enjoy it.

World Green Tea Conference2007

World Green Tea Conference2007


Art And Tea Ceremony(Macha)

Art And Tea Ceremony (Sencha)

Press Interview
(Shizuoka Prifectural Governor
Yoshinobu Ishikawa and Chairman Mayumi Otsubo)